GOODEVE STRUCTURAL INC. uses the latest structural design computer programs available and we have developed our own in-house software. Our programs allow us to fully utilize parameters and restrictions set out by Building Codes and resolve road blocks inherent in conventional design.

We have engineers and technologists on staff with technical expertise, experience and ingenuity to design structural systems for buildings of all sizes, types and complexities.

Our Drawings

We provide construction documents in clear detailed accurate AutoCAD drawings. Our drawings are shared with sub-contractors to provide seamless communication of the structural design during construction.

We also use Autodesk REVIT® building modeling software. This program allows us to fully coordinate our structural design with the architectural information to produce a 3D model of the proposed development.

From this model, in-depth, up-to-date and accurate structural drawings are produced and are fully coordinated with the architectural model.

On Site Supervision

Included with all of our buildings that we design, we have field engineers on staff who review the construction as it progresses. Our site engineers help solve issues as they arise on site and we provide final certification of the construction.